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The Good, the Casual, and the Competitive
Cody McCowell Feb 21, 2017
Some big announcements were recently made concerning the resurrection of Nationals and Pro Tour Qualifiers at Grand Prix events. So what does this mean for our local Planeswalkers and out of town friends alike? ...

Improving Your Playtesting Part 1
Peter Shmanka Feb 21, 2017
Hey guys, last week I gave you four bulletin points to take home with you and talk amongst yourselves. This week, I’m going to go through the process and history of how and why most of the Team Thunder members of past developed these ideas. ...

No Fears of the Tiers

Jason Karimi Feb 17, 2017
For a game with as many decks as Yu-Gi-Oh, people like to measure up decks against each other to determine what may be the best deck be it in the competitive scene or among their local players. ...

Luna on the Loose; A Competitive Entry for Sun and Moon

Thomas Anderson Feb 17, 2017
With the release of Sun and Moon many decks have made substantial changes to improve themselves as well as to combat the ever changing meta. As new decks rise to the top and old ones fall to the wayside I offer my updated list on a old favorite. ...

Casual to Competitive, Resourceful Learning Plus Dos and Don'ts
Jason Karimi Feb 7, 2017
For a lot of people, moving towards playing Yu-Gi-Oh in a more competitive nature is due to an arms race with friends or rivals, Friend A keeps winning, Friend B wants to edge them out so they start thinking creatively, Friend B now takes more games and Friend A does research on optimal builds of their deck and so on. ...

Hello Readers, Ready for Some Modern?
Peter Shmanka Feb 7, 2017
Fatal Push has been redefining the format, it’s been seen in multiple decks from Grixis Delver to Esper Control. The Magic Leagues have been dramatically changed since the release of Aether Revolt, but all that excitement hasn’t stopped me from slinging some Druid-Elves. ...

Product Preview: Triumvirate of Ynnead
Blair O'Connor Feb 4, 2017
With the previous boxset Deathmasque, Eldrad’s prior attempt to coalesce Ynnead into the physical realm was thought to have been halted by the Deathwatch. ...

New Decks, New Tech
Thomas Anderson Feb 2, 2017
With the official release of the Sun & Moon base set coming in just a few days what better time is there to look at the new starter decks. ...