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Warlord Games 15% OFF
  Pre-orders & New Releases
  2000 AD: Strontium Dog
  Beyond the Gates of Antares
  Black Powder
  Blood Red Skies
  Bolt Action
  Cruel Seas
  Gangs of Rome
  Hail Caesar
  Konflikt '47
  Pike & Shotte
  Warlord Scenics
  Warlords of Erehwon
Free Shipping for orders of $200 or more in Canada or The United States.

We stock many but not all Warlord Games products. Orders ship within 1 business day unless an item is out of stock. Out of stock item(s) will be ordered from Warlord as soon as possible and your order will ship within 1 business day of arrival. This can add 4-10 days to your shipping time. Items marked ‘Extended Range’ may take additional time to arrive from Warlord. Warlord has a 98% order fill rate but if an item is out of stock we will contact you to provide an estimated restock time and/or options to alter your order. We are very flexible with refunds, substitutions, partial shipments, etc.

If you do not see an item you would like to order or have any questions about an existing order or making an order please contact us by phone (807)-285-8800 or email We are here to help!

Warlord Games Preorders & New Releases

Warlord Games Accessories 15% Off!

15% Off Warlords or Erehwon

Beyond the Gates of Antares 15% Off!

Black Powder 15% Off!

Blood Red Skies 15% Off!

Warlord Games Bolt Action 15% Off!

Cruel Seas

Gangs of Rome 15% Off!

Hail Caesar 15% Off!

Konflict 47 15% Off!

Pike & Shotte 15% Off!

2000 AD: Strontium Dog

Warlord Scenics 15% Off!