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May 29th @ 11am - GW webstore seems to be pretty well on track now, shipping orders within 5 or so days from order time which is great and has helped us fill more orders. Today we got great news from GW wholesale and an order for about 65% of the stock we need to fill our customers' orders made up until May 27th has been processed and sent to shipping and the rest will be done soon. This is a huge relief and we can't wait to get more orders on the way to you and get out from under the shadow of this Corona backlog! We are shipping another 25+ orders today and sincerely apologize for the wait time and thank you for your patience. We had hoped when GW re-opened things would move quicker but the reality of the impact of Corona didn't allow for that. Thank you for shopping with TGG, we appreciate it very much!

NEW Update as of May 29th @ 1pm - We just got word from GW that the rest of that order is processed and sent to shipping. There are bound to be a few out of stock items but this means we are getting 90+% of everything we need to fill our customers's orders up to May 27th next week!

Orders placed after May 26th we hope to be able to obtain within 2 weeks for delivery to our customers within 4 weeks. It could be quicker than that but with no sign of many global shutdowns ending soon that is the best estimate we can give and realistically expect.

Update May 21st - GW continues to be backed up for order fulfillment and shipping and we are not receiving shipments from them very frequently. While they are open things within their infrastructure and the infrastructure that ships it are still dealing with staff shortages and mail delays from the volume of packages people in isolation are ordering. Canada Post has said it's busier than Christmas. We have been shipping out customer orders since GW has re-opened but new orders should still expect delays outside of our normal turnaround times. Orders made now may still not arrive to us from GW within a week or two when normally we would get orders in about 3-5 days.

Covid-19, Games Workshop, Customer Contact and Sale Updates Friday May 8th

A couple big things have changed recently and we have some updates for you.

Ontario Covid-19 Update

Starting Monday May 11th we will be doing curbside pick-up at our 843 Red River Road location in addition to our local delivery options. This means anyone that has made orders for pick-up can come get them starting then and new orders for in-store pick-up will be available for curbside pick-up. We will accept debit and credit card payment for cubside pick-ups to pay when you pick it up or they can be pre-paid through the website or an etransfer arranged ahead of time.

Curbside pick-up times are Mon, Weds, Fri between 12-4pm. Once your order is complete you can come to the store during any of those times to pick it up. If you ordered through the website you will get an email when your order is complete and ready for pick-up.

Games Workshop Update

Games Workshop has now opened both their retailer direct and webstore operations and is beginning to ship orders. They warn of staggered shipments and slower than normal order processing times due to backlogged orders and low staff numbers as some are not yet back to work. We are receiving our first of our large direct orders next week and have begun making orders online for web only items. We will be trying to fill our oldest orders first subject to what arrives from GW and hope most of their shipping delays will be ironed out in the next couple weeks. Please remain realistic with your expectations and patience, this is all great news but there are still delays throughout the world’s infrastructure and we don’t expect to be able to ship the majority of our orders for another 2-3 weeks from the date of this post, possibly longer.

Customer Contact Update

We have worked very hard keeping in touch with every customer that has sent in questions and order update/shipping inquiries and have only recently fallen a few days behind since the shutdown has dragged on being short staffed. We have contacted countless customers that did not apply sale codes to give them the credit they missed out on giving out thousands of dollars in this credit over the shutdown period. Starting today we will be referring customer questions about existing order shipments to this post so we can focus our time on shipping out orders as fast as possible. We will still be replying to other contacts as fast as possible.

Sale Updates

We are currently running 3 sales on regular priced items, new Games Workshop and used Games Workshop. These sales will all end Sunday May 10th @ 11:59pm EST so make sure to get any last minute orders in before that.

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