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Thank you for considering TGG as a source to trade and purchase your collectible cards. We work hard to provide quality products and services and appreciate every trade and sale. Let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help!

This guide applies to all regular and foil collectible cards from our in-store and online selection.

Near Mint/Mint (NM/M)

This is the highest grade and includes cards from pack fresh flawless mint to cards with minimal wear from handling, play, or storage. Examples of near mint wear are:

Slight Border/Corner Wear

Slight Clouding

Slight Misprints (small defects, off-colour printing)

Slight Printing/Packaging Damage (roller marks, crimps, etc)

Slight Scratching (few surface scratches)

Played (PL)

At this grade cards show some significant wear. Examples of played wear are:

Moderate Border/Corner Wear

Moderate Scratching (lots of surface scratching, or scratching causing slight surface tearing)

Signed Cards

Slight Bend/Curl (from use or storage)

Slight Dirt (small amount of dirt stuck to the surface)

Slight Impressions (binder or other)

Slight Shuffle Crease (smaller than 1cm)

Slight Water Damage (slight damage at borders/corners not entering the main frame)

Slight Whitening (wear to the card face from use)

Heavily Played (HP)

At this grade there is something significantly wrong with the cards’ conditions but they are tournament playable. Examples of heavily played wear are:

Creasing (not shuffle related from a previous bend)

Inking/Stamping (any inking or tournament stamp)

Large Scratches (lots of scratching causing surface tearing)

Large Shuffle Crease (larger than 1cm)

Major Border/Corner Wear

Major Whitening (wear to the card face)

Moderate/Major Dirt (lots of dirt stuck to the surface)

Moderate Water Damage (damage that enters the main frame of the card)

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