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We don't have a buylist during the covid pandemic but we are accepting all trades as normal.

Choose one of the links below for your preferred output. Prices listed are for english, non-foil NM/M cards only. We accept PL and HP cards as well and will adjust the trade value accordingly if received. We offer 75% and 60% respectively for those conditions. Our condition guide is linked below.

Trades must be sent in this manner or processing fees may apply:

1. Create an account if you don't have one.
2. Pack the cards alphabetically in order based on the buylist output you choose.
3. Must have a list included with the cards listed in the same order they are packed including the quantity.
4. Must include your name and contact information.
Please note: Our buylist can change daily but we save an archived version each time we updated it. Trades are processed based on the date they were postmarked for accuracy.

Using the find function (ctrl+f) in your browser is a good way to find certain cards/sets quickly once you have chosen an output format.