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Used rulebooks and supplements have sample images and are split into 2 conditions, Good and Damaged. Good condition books range from 'like new' to having some play wear on the cover, edges, and/or pages but have no physical 'damage'. Books in Good condition may have price tags on the cover. Damaged condition books may have a bent cover, small piece of cover missing, many bent or earmarked pages, writing on the cover, broken spine, and/or very minor water damage but otherwise intact and complete. We will not list any books that are missing the majority of either cover, are missing pages, have all the pages but some fall out, are water damaged more than a minor amount, or have a bad smell. Some items may not be complete if they originally came with inserts or pages meant to be cut out as templates or anything, if you have a question about a certain item contact us with the 'product code' and we can send you pictures.

If you have a question about a specific item please contact us with the 'product code' and we'll send you pictures.

We take trade-ins of any new or used models and accessories, current or out of print.