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Sept 10th Update

Games Workshop - We have been assigned a new temporary wholesale sales rep who just spoke with us and processed all our outstanding orders. While there are bound to be some out of stock items, there always are, this is great news and we look forward to receiving this and shipping it asap.

We were also able to place a huge restock order which will help us fill orders more quickly once received.

Sept 9
th Update

We are adding in-store shopping time to Sundays starting this week and more casual play time.

Games Workshop webstore continues to deliver good, timely service, while GW wholesale continues to struggle.

We have experienced an unusual circumstance with the 2 recent wholesale orders we discussed on our last update. Two of our orders from 3 and 4 weeks ago still have not been processed although the more recent ones have and new ones are being processed. Of course we prefer to fill older orders first and this situation is very frustrating. This week we have decided to stop waiting for those orders to be processed and we are re-ordering what we need again on todays order to get things moving. This puts us at risk of getting double orders but we want to get orders for our customer on the move and we’ll deal with any shenanigans that result from it as needed. We appreciate your patience during this ongoing Covid-19 mess and we work on GW every single work day with customers on updates and shipping orders and with GW wholesale as they continue having trouble keeping track of and processing orders.

We sincerely apologize for the delays and although we had hoped we were out of the worst of the GW stock delays from Covid if something goes wrong(like it did for the 2 orders we are still missing) the system is still very bogged down and tracing and fixing problems seems to still be quite slow.

Monday – In-store, Curbside, Delivery & Gaming 12-4pm
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday – In-store, Curbside, Delivery & Gaming 12-4pm
Thursday – In-store, Curbside, Delivery & Gaming 12-10pm
Friday – In-store, Curbside, Delivery & Gaming 12-10pm
Saturday – In-store, Curbside, Delivery & Gaming 11-6pm
Sunday – In-store, Curbside, Delivery & Gaming 12-5pm

Aug 24th Update

Due to an error at GW payment processing our last 2 wholesale orders got held up without notice until Aug 21st. We are working with GW to get those items on rushed delivery now that the error has been fixed. This could affect any order made between Aug 4th and Aug 17th. We apologize for the delay, with the reduced availability of GW staff due to Covid when an error like this happens it takes them more time to identify and correct it. Assuming no further delays or stock issues those orders should be filled by Sept 4th.

Thank you for your patience.

Local Shopping and Gaming Options for Stage 3

Monday – Curbside & Delivery 12-4pm
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday – In-store, Curbside & Delivery 12-4pm
Thursday – In-store, Curbside, Delivery & Gaming 12-10pm
Friday – In-store, Curbside, Delivery & Gaming 12-10pm
Saturday – In-store, Curbside, Delivery & Gaming 11-6pm
Sunday – Closed

Aug 7th Update

Games Workshop – All Indomitus release product has been received and all ready orders have been shipped. GW forgot to include a bonus for the late Indomitus delivery so we have added $5 in reward points to those customers’ accounts which can be redeemed in the ‘My Rewards’ section of your account toward your next order.

GW online continues to deliver fast service and GW wholesale is struggling to get back to pre-covid turnaround times but is improving. Orders are generally delayed about 2-4 days from pre-covid times, which is quite good given the circumstances. Some new TGG orders are now filled same day, with others filled with the 2-4 day delay from regular processing times, and some are affected by the popular items that are out of stock at GW causing longer delays. We are seeing some of the expected restocks on popular items but many remain out of stock, we are watching for restocks and re-ordering regularly. As expected more Necron items are going out of print as they are reformatted, if you see a Necron item out of stock on the GW website and available on TGG you can order it from us but be aware we may not be able to get it if they discontinue it without a restock.

Something Fun – This week we welcome Scott C. to the TGG team. Scott is well known around the store and enjoys many of the collectible hobbies we focus on. We look forward to working with him and invite you to visit us during our in-store hours to welcome him. Welcome aboard, Scott!

July 29 - We recevied an update today that the second half of our Indomitus release stock is on the way expected to arrive Friday, July 31st and GW has included a bonus for each of the orders affected by the late delivery. Thank you for your patience.

July 28th - Things have been going fairly well, with the Indomitus release date this past weekend we want to update a few things for everyone.

Indomitus Made-to-order: If you have placed a made-to-order purchase your order has been submitted to GW within the required wholesale deadline, thank you for your order; we recognize the patience a made-to-order item with estimated delivery sept-dec 2020 requires and we appreciate the trust you place in us to deliver. The Emperor protects!

Indomitus new release product: Half the Indomitus boxset orders and all of the non-boxset new release orders have been shipped. There has been a shipping delay in the second half of our boxset release order and they should be coming through anytime. GW has said they printed more of this style of release boxset than any other by a good stretch and sold out in minutes, we understand the anticipation for this product and we will get them shipped as soon as possible. The non-boxset french language items weren't shipped so we have re-ordered those and expect them this week. All french language Indomitus boxsets have been received, if you ordered any with french language accessories your boxset is secure and will ship as soon as the accessories come in.

General GW orders: This is a bit of a mixed bag. We continue to experience quick turnaround times from the GW website and the wholesale department is processing orders in less than a week now. We have seen lots of restocks but many of the key, popular items we have been hoping for are still to come leaving some older orders regretfully open. With these restocks some new orders are filled very quickly, but some are affected by the same stock outages. As the new Necron release shapes up we have been removing various kits from our site as GW discontinues them and as we suggested on our last update, if you see a Necron item is currently out of stock at GW you can still order it from us and we will get it for you as soon as it comes back in stock if it does, but be aware some may get discontinued and not be fulfill-able.

Customer contact: After falling embarrassingly behind on email replies from a need to focus Covid restricted staffing levels on shipping, a recent reply campaign has caught us completely up and we are sincerely appreciative of the understanding you have extended in your replies as we work to complete your orders. For new contacts please consider that we are temporarily closed Tuesdays and Sundays with physical retail staff only on Saturdays.

All of this has been happening as our local area progresses through re-opening phases and we thank you for your continued patience as we navigate the warp.

July 7th - We received four very good updates from GW yesterday after not hearing from the retailer wholesale department or having 3 of our orders there processed for over 3 weeks.

First, they processed our last 3 orders before the USA July 4th holiday and it is on the way to us to start arriving today. They apologized for the delays and have been working on further training for the wholesale reps who are all working from home meet the challenges that poses.

Second, they have said from now on (barring more shutdowns or other major incidents) we can expect to have our orders processed within 24 hours of sending them in. This is a huge statement, essentially returning to pre-covid processing times. There are still slowdowns in the system as less warehouse workers may be present for social distancing, the mail system is still overloaded, etc. but 24 hours is a major improvement from the 1-3+ weeks it has been taking since the shutdown ended. Communication will also improve which will allow us to stay more alert of longer term stock outages for example. Previous to this since the reps were all working at home we only had email to communicate and just as the processing was taking time we hadn’t had an email reply in over 3 weeks. We now have a phone number for our rep as well so we can get timely information when we need it.

Third, the Indomitus box is manufactured and ready to ship to retailers and our rep has already prepared our initial order for release and can adjust it as needed.

Lastly, with the production of Indomitus complete they have been working on a major restock wave so we expect to be able to get many of the popular items that have been out of stock for a few weeks soon like some key Adeptus Mechanicus, Adeptas Sororitas, Grey Knights, Ork, and Space Marine items. Very exciting! We are hoping for a necron restock but we speculate some of those items will undergo a rebox and may get updated contents. If you see a Necron item is currently out of stock at GW you can still order it from us and we will get it for you as soon as it comes back in stock if it does, but be aware some may get discontinued and not be fulfill-able.

We would like to take this time to again thank all TGG’s customers for their orders and patience during the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. Many of you are first time shoppers, many are patiently waiting to get items to help fill their time due to the pandemic and these delays are the opposite of what they are looking for. We are working hard to fulfill orders and it is our main focus every day. To that end we have fallen far behind on our usual service standards for customer contact. We review facebook, email, and telephone each work day and reply to as many as we can. The lengthy shutdown and then time between orders being processed has lead to so much customer communication we brought more staff back and are catching up, but it’s slow going.

The new release has lead to a further influx of questions and since we are behind in contacts we would like to address a couple common questions here for you:

Q: Will you have Indomitus on release day and do you have any swag coming with it?
A: Yes and Yes. It goes live for preorder at TGG the same day as GW (July 11th) and according to GW we will have it for release day (July 25th). As an authorized retailer ordering enough copies to get all the bonus goodies from GW there will be release swag included with all Indomitus orders. These items will be given out in the order we receive orders and if your order qualifies for one tier you also get everything under it:
10 Pin Badges
20 Wristbands
50 Button Badges
100 Art Cards
100 Crusade Narrative Cards
For example the first 10 orders get 1 of everything, the next ten get wristbands and everything under, etc.

Q: How do you expect the release stock for Indomitus and the other products releasing that day to be?
A: We expect to be able to get as many Indomitus as we need and GW has given us an allocation of the other products. Unlike our normal stock procedures for GW online, these items will have a limited stock entered to match our allocation and once sold through won’t be orderable until GW opens them up to regular ordering or gives us an allocated restock. This will ensure we don’t oversell at release.

Q: Will Indomitus be 15% off?
A: Yes, all new GW we list, regardless of new release, are always 15% off.

Q: With the new rules and Indomitus release wave coming, can I add things to my order before it ships?
A: Yes, if you have an order in processing you can either make a new order of $200 to again qualify for free shipping, in which case we can do 2 shipments if we are waiting on anything for your orders or you can make an order for under $200 and choose ‘In-store or Cubside Pickup’ as your shipping option so it won’t charge you shipping and we will include with your other order when shipped.

June 22 – GW retailer wholesale continues to be 2-3 week behind on processing new orders including orders for new release items. When normally any order we place is received within a week and specifically new release orders were processed and received before the release date now we are receiving them 1-3 weeks after the release date. This leads to an unfortunate disconnect of people getting orders direct from the GW website sooner than from us and thinking we are dragging our feet. We are working very hard to get everyone’s order together; everyday is a strategic plan to get the oldest and highest volume of orders out the door. Games workshop wholesale is spending their time filling orders and not communicating with us making it hard for us to give good out of stock advice until we see that on our invoice they ran out. As previously expressed with the continued delays at GW we still expect new orders with us to take up to 4 weeks to be shipped, maybe longer. Covid-19 continues to affect most of the supply chain and our shop is still navigating the slow re-opening schedule and difficult staff availability as they work with their families to work out child careand overcome other obstacles in the Covid mess. Thank you for your orders and patience.

We received some news about a couple popular products that went out of stock at GW very quickly due to the extended shutdown and awkward timing of the 9th edition, Skitarri, and Necron announcements. SC! Skitarii and Dark Imperium were both ordered in such high quantities after the shutdown GW rationed out these items to people that ordered them and we did not get enough to fill all our orders. All effected customers have been emailed with options for their orders. If you have ordered these items and have not received an email, contact us and we’ll help you out.

June 12th – We have been in a picking, packing, shipping frenzy this week and we have sent out over 100 orders and contacted many more with phone and email messages about order statuses. We have not gotten to every one of the orders and our plan for next week is to review specifically the oldest remaining orders and then continue to fill as many orders as possible. We continue to see good turnaround times from the GW webstore but the retailer wholesale department continues to be quite backed up and they have not processed the last 2 orders we have sent in yet. We look forward to GW processing those next week to get us the rest of what we need. We have been working hard to keep up with customer contacts and had caught up to same day messages yesterday but with focusing on shipping today we haven’t had a chance to answer the new ones yet and expect to get to them no later than Monday, June 15th. By the end of next week we plan to have shipped or contacted every customer with an open order from before June 1st.

June 5th - We received all the orders GW processed on May 29th and are sorting through it, filling orders, and shipping. Given the volume of orders to pick and pack we estimate the majority of the orders being shipped by June 12th. After complete orders have been shipped we will be contacting people that have very few items missing from their order(perhaps something was out of stock at GW) and give them options for completing their order. After that if there are orders that have a significant number of items missing we will contact those customers, but we don't anticipate this affecting many orders, if any. We had a Covid-19 related staff shortage this week (the store has not been exposed) and spent lots of time receiving the GW orders and as a result have fallen 3-5 days behind on answering emails. We have always striven to reply within 24 hours to all our customer contacts, we apologize for the delays in our response but no contact will be ignored. We've found that GW webstore and wholesale are processing orders within a few days now and are looking forward to getting back to faster turnaround times. Thank you for your patience, the end is in sight!

May 29th @ 11am - GW webstore seems to be pretty well on track now, shipping orders within 5 or so days from order time which is great and has helped us fill more orders. Today we got great news from GW wholesale and an order for about 65% of the stock we need to fill our customers' orders made up until May 27th has been processed and sent to shipping and the rest will be done soon. This is a huge relief and we can't wait to get more orders on the way to you and get out from
under the shadow of this Corona backlog! We are shipping another 25+ orders today and sincerely apologize for the wait time and thank you for your patience. We had hoped when GW re-opened things would move quicker but the reality of the impact of Corona didn't allow for that. Thank you for shopping with TGG, we appreciate it very much!

NEW Update as of May 29th @ 1pm - We just got word from GW that the rest of that order is processed and sent to shipping. There are bound to be a few out of stock items but this means we are getting 90+% of everything we need to fill our customers's orders up to May 27th next week!

Orders placed after May 26th we hope to be able to obtain within 2 weeks for delivery to our customers within 4 weeks. It could be quicker than that but with no sign of many global shutdowns ending soon that is the best estimate we can give and realistically expect.

Update May 21st - GW continues to be backed up for order fulfillment and shipping and we are not receiving shipments from them very frequently. While they are open things within their infrastructure and the infrastructure that ships it are still dealing with staff shortages and mail delays from the volume of packages people in isolation are ordering. Canada Post has said it's busier than Christmas. We have been shipping out customer orders since GW has re-opened but new orders should still expect delays outside of our normal turnaround times. Orders made now may still not arrive to us from GW within a week or two when normally we would get orders in about 3-5 days.

Covid-19, Games Workshop, Customer Contact and Sale Updates Friday May 8th

A couple big things have changed recently and we have some updates for you.

Ontario Covid-19 Update

Starting Monday May 11 th we will be doing curbside pick-up at our 843 Red River Road location in addition to our local delivery options. This means anyone that has made orders for pick-up can come get them starting then and new orders for in-store pick-up will be available for curbside pick-up. We will accept debit and credit card payment for cubside pick-ups to pay when you pick it up or they can be pre-paid through the website or an etransfer arranged ahead of time.

Curbside pick-up times are Mon, Weds, Fri between 12-4pm. Once your order is complete you can come to the store during any of those times to pick it up. If you ordered through the website you will get an email when your order is complete and ready for pick-up.

Games Workshop Update

Games Workshop has now opened both their retailer direct and webstore operations and is beginning to ship orders. They warn of staggered shipments and slower than normal order processing times due to backlogged orders and low staff numbers as some are not yet back to work. We are receiving our first of our large direct orders next week and have begun making orders online for web only items. We will be trying to fill our oldest orders first subject to what arrives from GW and hope most of their shipping delays will be ironed out in the next couple weeks. Please remain realistic with your expectations and patience, this is all great news but there are still delays throughout the world’s infrastructure and we don’t expect to be able to ship the majority of our orders for another 2-3 weeks from the date of this post, possibly longer.

Customer Contact Update

We have worked very hard keeping in touch with every customer that has sent in questions and order update/shipping inquiries and have only recently fallen a few days behind since the shutdown has dragged on being short staffed. We have contacted countless customers that did not apply sale codes to give them the credit they missed out on giving out thousands of dollars in this credit over the shutdown period. Starting today we will be referring customer questions about existing order shipments to this post so we can focus our time on shipping out orders as fast as possible. We will still be replying to other contacts as fast as possible.

Sale Updates

We are currently running 3 sales on regular priced items, new Games Workshop and used Games Workshop. These sales will all end Sunday May 10 th @ 11:59pm EST so make sure to get any last minute orders in before that.

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