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TGG is participating in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 2020 Lost Art AND OTS Tournament Pack sales promotions that get's you free promo cards* and/or packs* with purchase of sealed products.

The Lost Art promotion runs through December 2020 with 2 new cards per month to collect. Here is a sample of some of the cards included.

TGG's November Lost Art cards are:

The Legendary Fisherman

The Tournament Pack promotion is a special circumstance allowed by Konami due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. It has been extended to include OTS Pack 13 & 14.

TGG's November OTS Pack is Pack 14

A purchase of $15 in Konami sealed product gets you a Tournament Pack; $30 gets you 2 Tournament Packs OR 1 of this month's Lost Art cards chosen at random. Each customer can get up to 2 Tournament Packs and 1 Lost Art card per day with a purchase of $60. There is no limit on the number of Lost Art cards or Tournament Packs a customer can get per month.

In-store, online orders and preorders count toward these promotions and preorders will be assigned cards/packs at time of purchase, from the month the item releases.

*While supplies last.