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TGG is participating in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 2020 Lost Art AND OTS Tournament Pack sales promotions that get's you free promo cards* and/or packs* with purchase of sealed products.

In the final month of these awesome promotions we are unlocking all the remaining and left over prizes for both the Lost Art and Tournament Pack Promotions.

A purchase of $15 in Konami sealed product gets you a choice of Tournament Pack; $30 gets you 2 Tournament Packs OR 1 of the remaining Lost Art cards of your choice. Each customer can get up to 2 Tournament Packs and 1 Lost Art card per day with a purchase of $60. There is no limit on the number of Lost Art cards or Tournament Packs a customer can get per month.

TGG's December Lost Art cards are:

The Legendary Fisherman
Alluring Mirror Spirit
Ghost Sister & Spooky Dogwood
Frightfur Leo
Harpie Queen
Harpie Dancer
Harpie's Feather Rest
Harpie Channeler
Harpie Conductor

The Tournament Pack promotion is a special circumstance allowed by Konami due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. It has been extended to include OTS Pack 13 & 14.

TGG's December OTS Packs are Pack 13 and Pack 14

In-store, online orders and preorders count toward these promotions and preorders will be assigned cards/packs at time of purchase, from the month the item releases.

*While supplies last.