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The physical store will be open Dec 26 from 10am-6pm EST to serve online customers and prepare local curbside pickups and deliveries and closed Dec 27 while the sale continues online. Local orders made on Dec 27 for pickup or delivery will be prepared Dec 28.

Lots of areas in Canada are in or entering lockdowns, stock up on collectible and miniature games and supplies at great prices this weekend!

Sale prices combine with Free Shipping for Orders of $200 or more promotion but do not combine with any other promotion unless specifically stated. Games Workshop, Battlefoam, and Preorder products are not part of the general sale discounts. For orders of new GW contact us for the sale information. Orders that include new Games Workshop items and use the additional Boxing Days sale code are not eligible for refund, only exchange for product or store credit. Be aware that Games Workshop is not taking wholesale orders until January to get their warehouses caught up so there will be some additional delay from normal fulfillment times. TGG works closely with our wholesale rep to monitor GW restocks and fill orders as fast as possible, we thank you for shopping with us! When picking up local orders or receiving them at your door wear a mask that covers your nose, mouth, and chin.