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The Garrison of Erebor consisted of a mighty throng of warriors – well-trained and highly disciplined Dwarven fighters whose loyalty to their king was unflinching. Clad in fine Dwarf-wrought armour and wielding weapons that were the envy of Middle-earth, these sturdy soldiers were a match for almost any foe.

The Warriors of Erebor come in an array of dynamic poses, ranging from raising a shield from an attack above, or thrusting forward a long spear or sword. They carry studded octagonal shields and wear either chainmail or tunics; some wear armour across their shoulders, or masked helmets. Each of the 24 Dwarves features unique expressions, styles of hair or beards, making them a characterful addition to your collection of miniatures.

This plastic kit contains 60 components and 24 25mm round bases with which to make 24 Warriors of Erebor.

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